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Android versus iOS – what should I choose?


You are in the middle of a dilemma regarding which type of phone suits you best? There are so many articles over the Internet stating Android is better than iOS or the other way around that you have no idea what to believe anymore. Then how about hearing a very objective comparison between them? Strictly considering their features and pricing, without any implications and subjective opinions you might have the opportunity to make the selection strictly by yourself. Here’s the list of differences and similarities:

Target market

Who didn’t hear about the Apple iPhone release date & its iconic event? Usually, fans tend to defence their own products they are using and ignore the opinions around them regarding what’s better at the moment. Apple fans will tend to protect their preference while Android fans will do the same with theirs. Release dates for both brands are heavily mediatised and really awaited for because here are presented the new features of the soon-to-be on the market products. Stating some of the facts among users:

Core demographics

Android users tend to be men, living in the country with a high school diploma and conservative mentality. The annual household income of Android users tends to be between $50k and $120k.

Apple users are more likely to be of feminine gender, living in the city with a graduate degree. Compared to Android users, they tend to be more liberal and their annual income overcomes $200k.

  • Personality

Android team proved to be pessimists and introverted while Apple team is the exact opposite. People who are using Android tend to be money savers and followers, rather than the other side which is spending and leaders.


Regarding tech, Apple users are considered early adopters preferring exact devices with few functions. They are backing up information more often than Android users and most likely will use an email domain associated with their field of work.

Android team is more likely to have used Internet for the first time after the year 2000 and they do not usually back up their info, being PC users. Android users are often using online emailing services such as G-mail or Yahoo.

  • Communication

Android users are more likely to set a preferred ringtone than Apple users and they usually answer the phone to unknown numbers. Apple users mostly hang up on telemarketers or unknown phone calls. While waiting in a long line, the time spent on the phone devises into: texting/email/games. Apple users spend their time in line for checking email or playing games.

  • Taste and aesthetics

Android users do not care as much as Apple users about the actual look of the device. Apple users focus their attention mostly on the looks rather than the features.

  • Other ops

Android and iOS users are the main operating systems people use. Windows, BlackBerry and Palm are less common nowadays but still a great part of the market.

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