Bedrock AI Legacy Addon

Bedrock AI Legacy Addon

This addon improves the presence of Minecraft Bedrock, making the game look like Minecraft Java. Mists and sky changed to the point of being indistinguishable. Moon and stars would now be able to be see submerged. Privateers…

How does it work?

Bedrock AI Add-On changes game assets, ongoing interaction making it look like to Minecraft Java and Minecraft Java Mods. The extra adds to the game 5 new hordes and changes the generated of the world.

Creators: _marcjones_Twitter Account

Bedrock AI Legacy Addon
Foxes produce around evening time in the taiga and blanketed tundra. They assault hares, chickens, and infant turtles. You can nourish the Fox and acquire trust.
Bedrock AI Legacy Addon
Illusion Illagers are mysterious creatures. Beware of their in mansions! (do not have functionality in a current update).
Pirates are carefree inhabitants of the jungle. They have their own parrots and a sword!
Caerbannog (killer rabbit) spawn in the swamps. At night the Caerbannog eyes glow. They attack wolf, fox, and players!

Lying and sitting skeletons normally produce on the planet. You can see them in a plateau, taiga, frigid tundra, desert, savanna, wilderness, dull backwoods and sea. They can be killed with a bow or crossbow and now and then get gold chunks. Every skeleton has its very own history…

To discover a lying skeletons, you should go on a going during the evening. They are uncommon!

Mesa husk spawn at night in the mesa biome. Be careful, they can poison!
River turtles are the same as sea turtles. They spawn in rivers, swamps and warm oceans. They are very cute!
Villages must have riders!
The player can see starsmoon and sun underwater. Only Minecraft: Java Edition players have this opportunity, but not Minecraft Bedrock players. This addon fixed this.
Improved UI Pocket. Perhaps you still do not like the interface added to Better Together Update. This addon makes improvements UI Pocket for the better.


In order to summoned new mobs you need to enter the command:
Killer rabbit:
  • /summon bedrockai:killer_rabbit ~ ~ ~
Zombie Giant:
  • /summon bedrockai:giant ~ ~ ~
Red fox:
  • /summon bedrockai:red_fox ~ ~ ~
Snow fox:
  • /summon bedrockai:snow_fox ~ ~ ~
River turtle:
  • /summon bedrockai:river_turtle ~ ~ ~
Mesa husk:
  • /summon bedrockai:mesa_husk ~ ~ ~
Lying Skeletons:
  • /summon bedrockai:skeleton_lying_pose_1 ~ ~ ~
  • /summon bedrockai:skeleton_sit_pose_1 ~ ~ ~
  • /summon bedrockai:skeleton_sit_pose_2 ~ ~ ~
  • /summon bedrockai:skeleton_sit_pose_3 ~ ~ ~
  • /summon bedrockai:skeleton_sit_pose_4 ~ ~ ~
  •  /summon bedrockai:pirate ~ ~ ~
Illuion Illager:
  • /summon bedrockai:illusion_illager ~ ~ ~
Spawn eggs for Red Fox, Snow fox, River Turtle, Pirate, Illusioners, Killer rabbit and Mesa Husk is in the inventory.
Also Bedrock AI Addon makes a change to smoothing. This may adversely affect weak devices.

Update v1.1.1 (05/31/2019):

* addon is supported only on version 1.12 beta. Some edits and changes are not listed, because they were made in the beta version of the add-on. Some old seeds may not work.


• renamed to “Bedrock AI Legacy”

• removed Owl

• discontinued support for weak devices (512MB ROM, 1GB RAM < …)

• updated graphics engine “Guard3D” v0.9a1 -> v0.9a2

• updated UI Engine “Fly UI” v0.9 alpha -> v1.0.1 pre


• added Pirates

• added “Invite players” button to pause screen

• added “Dark Mode” to pause screen and settings


• foxes now have 10 health, down from 20

Experemental gameplay:

• added Illusion illagers

• savannah colormap changed


• fixed button layout in pause screen

• fixed count of animals spawn in chunk

• fixed illusion illager gravity

• fixed particle lighting


Supported Minecraft versions

1.12 (beta)


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