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How IT companies should market themselves at events


Considering that you are running an IT company you may think that it is enough to promote your business through social media means. The fact is that if you want to find new clients, this strategy may work, but if you want to find new partners, then you should attend network events because this will offer you the possibility to present yourself to the world. Companies should not forget about event merchandise, no matter what their profile is. While social media platforms offer your clients the possibility to only read about your products, events can offer them the possibility to find who is standing behind the brand, who creates the products and they can even test them.

This means that you can attract more customers if you attend an event, because you can promote yourself with the help of giveaways. You may create software programs, and you may not be able to offer them to every client who visits your stand, but you can offer them branded products that will help them remember the name of your company, when they will be interested in buying from you.

What can you offer during a promotional event?

If you want to attend a promotional event or an exhibition, you should prepare some giveaways for the persons who will be visiting your stand. And as you cannot offer them your products or samples of your products, you will have to find other ways to catch their attention. If you have no idea what you should do, you should hire a company that provides branded promotional products, because they will offer you some recommendations.

Giveaways offer people a reason to visit your stand, and this is the perfect opportunity to tell them more about your products. When you choose promotional merchandise, you have to make sure that it matches the specific of your firm. For example you can offer them gifts they can re-use, like umbrellas and pens. You can also personalise shopping bags, mugs and even water bottles.

What can you offer during an internal event?

There is no better way to boost performance than showing the people you work with, your gratitude. You can organise an event with the purpose to show your employees and partners that you are thankful for their work and you can offer them free gifts. Another opportunity to offer your team gifts is during training, it is advisable to organise training to help people improve their IT skills. At the end of the training you can offer every one of them a package that includes multiple promotional products.

When you plan an internal event you can ask your team to help you design the products you will offer to the people who will attend the event. They will love to get involved in the creation process. When they will receive the gifts they will appreciate them because they worked together to design it. Promotional merchandise has the role to remember people your message even after they leave the training or the event.

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