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How to view and configure compatibility settings of web pages in Internet Explorer 11 of Windows 11


Windows 11 which was released on June 26 as a preview includes the latest version of Internet Explorer i.e. IE 11. Although, Internet Explorer 11 of Windows 8.1 is not much different from Internet Explorer 10 of Windows 10 but, it includes some new features and it has some serious problems in the compatibility with different web sites.

Internet Explorer 11 Preview of Windows 11 opens up the web pages pretty well but, some of the sites like Facebook.com, Google+, Twitter.com, TheVerge.com and sometimes, our own blog MCPEPRO fails to load correctly due to compatibility issues. It’s not that the sites are not optimized for different browsers but, the Internet Explorer 11 is in the preview has some bugs which stop the websites from loading correctly.

Good thing about Internet Explorer 11 of Windows 11 just like IE 10 is the option of compatibility view which lets you open up the web browser in the best compatibility settings known.

If you want to access the compatibility settings of Windows 11 then, follow the instructions below.


  • First of all, open up Internet Explorer 11 of Windows 11 from desktop. Once opened, open up the web page which you want to open in compatibility view.
  • Once opened, you would need to access the menu bar of IE which can be accessed by pressing the ‘Alt’ key on your keyboard.

Tip: Touch screen users can use the ‘on-screen keyboard’ of Windows by searching it from Search Charm. It contains the ‘Alt’ key.

  • Once you have the menu bar opened, go to ‘Tools’ menu and select ‘Compatibility View settings’.
  • A pop-up window would open entitled as ‘Compatibility View Settings’. Here you can enter the URL (address) of the web pages which you want to open in compatibility view. The web page which was open would automatically be added to the text box and pressing ‘Add’ would add it to compatibility view list

Note: To improve the compatibility of different websites, it is recommended that you keep the ‘Use the Microsoft compatibility lists’ option checked.

  • Once you have entered your desired web sites in the compatibility view settings, press ‘Close’. The web pages will refresh and open in compatibility settings whose URLs were added to the list.
  • That’s all! Enjoy viewing the web pages in compatibility view with better loading.

Note: The Modern-UI Internet Explorer 0f Windows 11 will also open the web pages in the same compatibility settings like on desktop version.

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