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Minecraft APK is Released for Android and Xbox devices. You can Download MCPE APk by clicking on the Download button. In this Update many new things are added like the copper horn is needed, trying the improved goat horn, Vanilla Parity, etc.

Minecraft Update:

The Minecraft Developer Mojang Studio released Minecraft PE Caves & Cliffs Part 2 Update, In this, the developers fixed bugs, added a new control option, and many new features etc.

Experimental Features:

Deep Dark

In this the Deep Dark is sure to strike fear into the hearts of even the bravest player. The surfaces of the Deep Dark are covered in Sculk In this Only Warden can call.


In this feature Attacks with Axes toward a raised Shield will disable the Shield for 5 seconds

Boat with Chest

In this You can Journey with Boat on water and you can also transfer things from one place to other.


Now Allay is delay for picking new items after delivering items and Allay will now only pick up the exact same item it holds

Copper Horn

  • We don’t have any additional changes planned for the Copper Horn, The copper horn can be crafted from 3 V-shaped copper ingots and a goat horn in the middle.

Bugs Error Fixes:

  • In this update Fixed an issue where the hunger bar would not deplete on some Marketplace worlds
  • Bad Omen effect not being applied after defeating a Pillager Captain is also fixed.
  • Mob hurt and death sounds no longer overlap is also fixed.
  • Improved contrast on multiple UI elements is also improved.
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