Vanilla Twilight Addon

Vanilla Twilight Addon

This addon does not stray excessively a long way from its Minecraft roots. The hordes are from medieval crowds addon which I made before the 1.8 updates. On the off chance that all go north, I’ll continue refreshing this addon consistently. Disclose to me the bugs on my twitter @HeatFragment. My record is available to proposals as well.

The Villager Guards: They produce haphazardly in a town, for equalization the there’s 25% of every town protector brought forth in a town.

Swordsman: The person who uses the sword. Watches the town. Skirmish clearly.

Vanilla Twilight Addon

Archer: Shoots arrows. Patrols the village. Ranged.

Mage: Can spawn goblins to fight for him, has a secondary attack of fangs that bite and enemy’s butt off.

Vanilla Twilight Addon


Goblins: Flees when a player or resident gets close, when a demon (5% opportunity to appear) or somebody commendable shows up they assault the objective. pulled in and tramples crops. Produces on grass squares

Mimic: Spawns in strongholds. Drops dungeon chest items.

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Hagbat: Hagbat flies when provoked and do swoop attacks every 4-5 seconds. But turns to normal in 30 seconds.

Nymph: When a nymph is killed without turning into a monster has a chance that it drops diamonds. Spawns by the rivers.

Giant: Rampages when angry, breaks leaves just to get to you.


Kobold: can be found in caverns, needs gold nugget to be tamed.

Your mining buddy can mine coal ore, iron ore, and Redstone ore.


Added Giants.

Kobold can now mine.

Fixed some broken things.


Supported Minecraft versions




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